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Permitting Process Overview

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Getting Started


Permits are required if you plan on constructing a new building or modifying an existing structure. All permit types must be submitted online through SimpliCITY.

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Getting Help with SimpliCITY

Simplicity has Video Tutorials to assist you
For more information on how to use Simplicity, see the SimpliCITY Guide.

Depending on the project, you may be required to obtain additional permits from other agencies that are
not available through the City of Moreno Valley. You may find the following links useful:

Below are the types of Building Permits for your reference.

Types of Permits

Acronym Permit Type Description
BAP   Building Permit Application   All permit types start as a BAP when you apply online
BOO Certificate of Occupancy Commercial only Used for existing businesses where there is change in tenant
BOE Electrical Main panel upgrade, sub panels, or alteration to the electrical system Required if a Battery only is
installed or added to a solar system
BOM Mechanical New HVAC, alteration/ relocation
BOC Minor Remodel Residential only Patios, city standard freestanding and retaining walls, and windows
BFP Pools New, alteration/ relocation of pools, spas, pool equipment
BOP Plumbing New, alteration/ relocation of the plumbing system to include like for like change outs
BOR Re-roof Re roof of any size or type
BON Solar Array, inverter, storage batteries if included with Solar A BOE permit is required if a panel upgrade
or subpanel is included as part of the system
BOW Water Heater New, alteration/ relocation This includes all types of water heaters to include electric and tankless
BFC Commercial Full Review New or Tenant Improvement
BFR Residential Full Review New, addition, alteration, remodel, and upgrades
BOD Demolition Demo of any permitted or unpermitted structures
BPD Building Plan Deferred For submittal of deferred plans (Subject to Building Official approval)
BPR Building Plan Revision For revisions to issued plans.
BSR Building Special Assessment Special inspection due to building damage or unpermitted work.